Monday, January 2, 2012

Day 47, 53 to go: Striped dish cloth

See? She's not old. But our friendship is.
Oooops! No blog post yesterday! Sorry about that! I met up with my oldest friend in the world who was in town for a short time.  She is not all that old, but our friendship is—we go back to 1968—I was 6, she was 7.  We walked to school together every day.  She was my first real friend.  I feel so lucky that we are still friends after all these years.  She is an extraordinary woman. 

After visiting with her, I ran over to Jo-Mar which was having a big sale on fabric.  I came back with some big fat yellow rick-rack for 39 cents a yard and 6 yards of silk at 3 bucks a yard.  I got there just a few minutes before they closed or I might have scored some more odds and ends.

Once I got home, I settled in with my Downton Abbey dvd and started to knit.  The second series  starts next Sunday on PBS and I wanted to refresh my memory of the first season.  My local PBS station was running it on 3 consecutive Sundays, but I missed the middle section when I was at my mom’s where they were a week behind.

Click on the image to see the twist in detail.
So I am all caught up now and have a dish cloth to show for it.  I used both the ombre and twist lava lamp yarn for this one since I didn’t have enough of either one to make a whole dish cloth.  I like this striped effect—using the exact same color schemes together, but contrasting the two styles of yarn.  If I had enough left, I would make another with twist on the edges and a stripe of ombre down the center…

Since I missed a post yesterday, clearly I need to do two projects tomorrow to make up for it.  Happy 2012—we are all well overdue for a good year.

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