Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Doctor Who Skirt

A few years ago, my sisters (Borgs # 7 & 8 of 8), my niece and my sister-in-law (there can be only one) became fans of the rebooted Doctor Who.  Despite my British birth, I had only a vague consciousness of the show—mostly through my plethora of certified-geek friends. 

I decided to make a Doctor Who-themed garment for my niece when I discovered Spoonflower carried all kinds of fabrics with geek themes.  Do you know about Spoonflower?  You can design your own fabric and they will print it up for you on a variety of fabrics or even wallpaper or gift wrap. 

Dalek and TARDIS exposed!

I chose this fabric, which sadly no longer appears to be available. (But there are many more Who fabrics now than when I ordered this.)  I had this idea that if I folded the pleats just right, I could hide the Daleks and TARDIS so that they would only be revealed when the wearer was spinning rather like the TARDIS. 

Peek-a-boo pleats

Pink is cute.  TARDIS blue would have been better!

designed the skirt to have a contrasting hem and apron so I could get away with using just a yard of fabric in the pleated section.  I found this hot pink fabric to coordinate with the coppery-rust of the Spoonflower fabric.  The other fabric I seriously considered was a royal blue. Of course I opted for pink at the time.   

(I have since become a fan of the show and regret I didn’t make the contrasting sections the official TARDIS blue.)

Still, I hear my niece liked the skirt very much and loves to wear it with leggings.  Here she is modeling it.  She looks pretty happy.  And I hear her geek-girl friends are jealous.

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