Sunday, July 13, 2014

Blog or Sew?

Trying very hard to find a way to like orange.

Know what I learned this week?  I can either blog, or I can sew.  But doing both in the same week seems to be beyond me right now.  

I made these pennants to show to a local shopkeeper
I was going for something sort of French toy store.

I sewed these pajamas for a friend. (And they fit!)
Since we met in the 70s, I thought she would like this throwback owl print.

And then I made these pajamas for another friend. 
All these details.  I hope they fit.

Fergus supervised.
This was not actually helpful.

I also cheated on Remington Steele with Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap.  But only during daylight.  Remington Steele is for sleeping.  (Both are available to stream on Hulu Plus and Amazon.)

My sometime daytime boyfriend.

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