Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Please, please, please Cross-stitch

Trust me, in person it looks great.
A dear friend has always loved the combination of black and hot pink. And also The Smiths.  So I made this for her and had it framed at AC Moore which was much cheaper (and had the right hot pink matte) than Michaels:

Please, please, please Let me get what I want this time.
I used a variegated hot pink embroidery thread.  I like the effect it had against the black Aida cloth. I also love the contrast of cross-stitching with Morrissey quotes.  Maybe I will get around to stitching up a Princess Bride sampler.  (Imagine a border of ROUSes!)

I went "old-school" and found some graph paper to design the pattern based on an alphabet I found in a cross-stitch book. I imagine there is some way to do it on a computer, but this worked just fine.  I took this picture because I was amused by how huge the pattern was and how small the final product is worked in Aida cloth. 
Large graph, tiny Aida cloth
I hope Morrissey appreciates how inspiring we find him. 

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