Thursday, June 5, 2014

Cat's Pyjamas and More Poodle-less Poodle Skirts

Maggie & Lily model their cat pjs

Honestly, I have been making stuff since my last post in November. I just haven’t been writing about it.  I have a lot of catching up to do here!  I am also thinking about doing a TBT entry each Thursday to show stuff I have made in the past.  (Maybe I will go all the way back to my 8th grade graduation dress…hmmmm)  Today’s throwback only goes back to November.


 When I left off, I had sent a package to Lily and Maggie with poodle-less poodle skirts.  I also made them cat pajamas which I thought were the “cat’s pyjamas.“ Maggie and Lily liked them enough to model them.  (along with a little stuffed cat.  They really want a cat.  Their mother really doesn’t want one)


Little cat pajamas. Lily:pink, Maggie: blue

Of course the American Girl dolls and Raggedies couldn’t be left out, so they got cat pajamas too. 

Tracing the smaller cat applique on my "light box"

And if twirly poodle-less skirts are good enough for the girls, they are good enough for the dollies too.   I had a pattern for 18” doll poodle skirt, but I wanted to replicate the appliqués from the full-size skirts.  How to downsize the appliqué pattern to the right proportions for dolls?

Since I had photographs of the finished child-sized skirts, I simply put them into a photo editor and sized them to fit the doll skirts.  Then I taped tissue paper to my monitor and traced the pictures turning the screen into a makeshift light box. 



Just like the ones Maggie and Lily have.

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