Sunday, June 8, 2014

Fall Pajama Roundup

As usual, there were a lot of pajama bottoms made this past fall.  Here is a roundup of what I accomplished.

I was thrilled to find this blue dachshund fabric for my niece who is shooting up like a teenager.  You may remember I found this same fabric a couple of years ago with a lime background.  This niece happens to live in the Deep South where flannel pajamas have a limited season.  I lucked out and found this pale gray cotton with little dachshunds on it for warmer days.  
Dachshunds for all seasons

My nephews are into Doctor Who.  Although there are no Slitheens or Daleks on this fabric, I thought they would appreciate the alien monsters in the spirit of The Doctor.   My older nephew is into baseball, so he got this fabric with images from the sport. (I only follow figure skating, so this was a challenge for me. 
:) )
Baseball and Aliens

The younger one asked specifically for penguin pajamas.  I found this fabric which I thought was really sweet, though I thought he might think they weren’t quite mature enough.  Not to worry.   He was so thrilled with them he told his mom they were his “official” Christmas pajamas. 
Penguins and Aliens

For Lily, I chose this fabric with bright pink horsies on a black background.  Since she had a horse-themed birthday party,     I thought she would like it.  Well, you know kids.  As soon as you figure out what they are obsessed with, they switch.  Now her big thing is Monster High dolls.   As it turns out, this fabric thrilled her because it was Monster High colors.  She even wore them to school one day (I am so grateful we did not have pajama-wearing days when I was in grade school)
Monster High Horsies?

And that leaves Maggie, who really is quite a cheeky monkey.   I bought this fabric several years ago.  The niece I picked it out for outgrew it before I made the pajamas, so Maggie was the lucky recipient.   She probably is the cheekiest of my nieces –at least in the sense that she has such adorable apple cheeks.
Cheeky Monkeys

They even modeled their new jammies.  They are my favorite models. :)
Beautiful models
These pictures are from a couple of years ago.  Lily, Maggie, Owen, Sam and I are all pretending to be the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who. 
Don't Blink!!!!

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