Thursday, November 24, 2011

Day 12, 88 to go: More robot pjs

 Not feeling worthy of this fabric. .
Oh I think I am soooo smart, don’t I?  I got an e-mail from saying they were putting their flannel on sale for 2 bucks a yard at midnight and if I order on Thanksgiving Day, I can get free shipping. 

I can not resist $2/yard flannel, especially when so many of you dear readers have been clamoring for pajama bottoms of your own.   I thought I would be clever and log in to my Joann account, do my shopping and at the stroke of midnight, hit “send” in order to avoid missing out on any of the good designs. 

So what happens at 11:15 pm?  The site crashes.  I am sure it is more "flannel freaks" like me hoping to minimize their annual before-dawn flannel raid on Friday at the store.  Based on previous experience with the site, I have little hope that it will be repaired by midnight, or that I will get first dibs on the adorable flannels I have selected. (so far.  I still have another 50 designs to pick through)  So waah.   I will just have to take my chances and see whether anything good is left by the time my order actually can go through.

Robot pjs for the bros.
In the meantime, I made the other pair of robot pajamas I cut out Friday.  I will be seeing my nephews tomorrow and wanted to have a pair for each of them.  The robot fabric is available on the Joann site—or will be once they have it back up and running. $2/yard…(PJ bottoms take about 2 ½ to 3 yards)

Tomorrow will involve the hordes arriving for Thanksgiving, except for my brother and his family who are painting their dining room and installing hardwood floors in their house in the Deep Baptist South.

It will be good to see everyone,  and hopefully the visiting will be long enough to enjoy each other’s company but too short to get on each other’s nerves.  There is something about returning to the scene of the crimes (being teenagers all at once in one house) that can set off PTSD, I think.  Hopefully the flashbacks will be of humorous anecdotes rather than traumatic ones.  I find it helps not to get one’s hopes too high and be pleasantly surprised rather than deeply disappointed by these get-togethers.   Crossing my fingers that everyone will have gotten a good nap BEFORE we are all together.  That should keep the whining and crabbiness to a minimum—for everyone from age 4 to 81.

Happy Thanksgiving. And Good Luck!

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