Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 14, 86 to go: Etsy Shop

I ran through all of the things I had brought with me to make on this trip.  Although I was at Joann’s at 6 am for the doorbuster specials (Thanks for the ride, Borg #7 of 8) I didn’t even think to grab a ball of yarn while I was there so I could start another goofy hat.

I felt obligated to the commitment to make something every day for 100 days in a row, so I looked around, completely at a loss until I remembered a certain item on my list.   I don’t have much to show for it yet, but today I started to set up an Etsy Shop. 

It will share the name of this blog: Spinsta at Large.   
I plan to open it in January after the holidays.
Chocolate for a nice hot break
(And get this, I decided on January because it will be easier to think about taxes if they are all in one calendar year –in case it becomes wildly successful.  Who says I didn’t learn anything in that tax department?)

I have a rush-job commission from an old friend that you will see on Sunday. (You’ll see the commissioned item, not the friend, though maybe she will send pictures when it arrives at her place)
In the meantime, I'll catch some zzzzs so I can get to my bus on time tomorrow.  But first, we have to make an important stop at the local grocer for the one thing I love and can’t find around Philly—Coco Wheats.

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  1. HUZZAH!!!! I am sooo happy you are going public! I will do my utmost to spread the word! Is there a particular focus or the shop? PJs, tree skirts, knit caps? All of the above? And any time you want Coco Wheats, let me know--be happy to send 'em your way!

    Cris & I will be in Philly on March 23 to see the live Nerdist podcast being recorded at the Trocodero Theatre. If you get a chance to listen to the podcast & like it maybe you can join us? If not, no biggie. The podcast is not to everyone's taste. (Personally, I am SUPER excited!)

    Way to go on the Etsy!! Yea!