Monday, November 28, 2011

Day 15, 85 to go: Pink Bunny in Bowl dish towel

It was a bumpy ride.
Travel is exhausting.  And not conducive to making stuff.  Yet I persevered and managed to get most of this bowl embroidered on the bus yesterday.  It was a bumpy ride and more difficult than I remembered from when I was embroidering the green bunny last week.  Then I realized what was different.  I embroidered the green bunny on a bus to New York City on the New Jersey turnpike.  This poor pink bunny was subjected to the Pennsylvania turnpike. That explains everything.  The Pennsylvania turnpike was state-of-the art when it was built in 1940.

Color variations created under a cat.
I used an embroidery floss that has varied tones in it.  I tried to keep the darker hues to the right as I stitched, hoping it would give a kind of sense of a light source coming from the upper left.  I don’t think I accomplished that, but I do like the effect of the color transitions.  Those ladies stuck with Turkey red in the 1880s would be so jealous.
This post is late because I have spent much of today pinned under catlings.  My absence for the last few days made them quite vigilant.  Felicity decided the way to keep me from leaving again was to nap on top of me no matter what I was doing.  Fergus came along and did his checks as well to make sure I am still here.  They are the boss of me.   Lucky me.