Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 18, 82 to go: Rocket pajamas

St Nicholas Day is coming up on December 6, so put your shoes out December 5 and maybe you will find treats in them the next morning.  This is one of the few overtly German customs we have left in our family.  German-Americans had to give up a lot of their traditions when they were perceived as the “enemy” in 2 world wars.  You could be turned in just for subscribing to a German-language newspaper. I have no family recipes for schnitzel or strudel, but I will put my shoes out.

For the rocket boys
I don’t want to bore you guys with nothing but pajamas, but I also want to send  jammies to my nieces and nephews in time for St Nicholas Day.   So, today I made rocket pajamas for the boys who recently got robot pjs. I love this fabric. It has a similar retro quality to the robots, but with such great vivid colors.  I hope they like em.

Not really helping.
Fergus was a lot of help. For some reason he thought the pattern would work better if he was underneath it.  

Hiding her eyes
Eventually he settled down for a nap as did Felicity—both snuggling under the table at chairs opposite each other.  I love when they roll themselves up into little napping balls of fur.
Fergus as a pretzel

Tomorrow I hope to raid Costco for baking supplies.  I want to make some spinsta springerle, gingerbread, chocolate chips and a few new things.  So I will be going out to get a lot of eggs, butter and cream.  Since I don’t have people at work to palm these things off on, I guess I will just have to mail them out to faithful blog readers.                    


  1. Moratinos now has a resident German, so we all are going to her place on 6 Dec. for Sintniklaas -- lebkuchen, gluwein, YUM. Because of my German heritage I am bringing the stöllen. We may be commiting simulataneous international baking!

  2. Love all the PJs!! Would love to buy a pair for myself! Will you be taking custom orders on the Etsy shop? Cris could use a pair of lounge pants that are the correct length for him as well--they're always too long & my machine is in the closet (out of sight, out of mind!) so I never get them hemmed. He's too old for the shredded hem look! ;-)

  3. I do expect to offer pjs on the Etsy shop, Page. :)

    Have a great time with the Sintniklaas (which looks like Dutch to me, not German?) Reb! Simultaneous international baking. Not quite breaking international maritime law, but we're old dude, aren't we? :)