Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day 20, 80 to go: One Red Nightgown

I will learn to make buttonholes...
Today was a disappointing day as I endured a migraine for most of it.  I was really hoping they would go away once I didn’t have the stress of an office job.  I am particularly perturbed because there wasn’t even a barometric pressure change to explain it.  Maybe it will turn out to be related to peri-mentalpause. (Thanks Moose, for that all-too-accurate name for what my girlfriends and I are all going through each in our unique and unpredictable ways.)

Once the headache subsided (and I was fortified by Coco-Wheats) I managed to get the other nightgown cut out and almost finished this one.  I am so impressed that I got this far.  Often when I have a migraine, my eye-hand coordination is shot. (I can’t parallel park to save my life when a migraine is in charge)  I only have a couple of things to do to finish this one--like learn to make buttonholes!

Oh well, at least once I learn to make them for this gown, I will finish the nightshirt that has been sitting for a year—and which I planned to make 3 years ago…

Robot pants!
Meanwhile, I got this adorable picture today from my friend Shannon.  This is her son Cyler who was thrilled with the tiny robot pjs I sent the other day.  She says that when his dad got home, he kept shouting “robot pants!”  From this picture, it appears that they live in a sanctuary for endangered stuffed animals. 

I also got a warning from my sister (Borg #5 of 8) that the robot pajama bottoms have to be used carefully.  Apparently when her boys wear them, they are put into such a deep sleep that they can not be awakened the next morning.  I swear I didn’t lace them with paregoric.  But maybe the cats cast sleeping spells on them as I made them?  They are very good at making me sleepy…

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  1. I think the sleepyness has to do with battery rechare rates on robots. ;-)

    Sorry to hear about the migraine! Have you tried a small amount of caffine? Many migraines can be caused by a restricion or dilation of blood vessels in the brain. If it's restriction, a little caffine will help them to dilate and allow more bloodflow in the brain. Just an idea to try,especially if you've had some success with Excedrin Migrain.

    Hope you're feeling better!!