Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 25, 75 to go: more jammies

Wear em "up camp" maybe?
I got two more pairs of jammie bottoms done today! Woot! Woot!  This just leaves one more pair of bottoms and the last red nightgown to finish and ship out.  Then I am free to bake.  Cookies.  Polymer clay.  Cookies…

These pjs are for my oldest nephew, who is old enough to drive and sadly, also old enough to hunt.  He’ll say he doesn’t wear jammies to sleep in.  So don’t sleep in them.  But when your sisters are home from college and you guys are hanging around the house, these are perfect for lounging, right? 

For Mini-Me, the musician.
This pair is for my Mini-Me, who has perfect pitch. (Unlike me.)  The Fates have been kind of rough on my sister, her mother (Borg #2 of 8). Her oldest is just like her and the second one is an awful lot like me.  So she gets to relive our dynamic in her kids.  They are great girls—and there is a third one as well whom I also adore.  Beautiful blonde blue-eyed girls.  So anyhow, Mini-Me plays trumpet in marching band and flute in concert band.  Did I mention she has perfect pitch? (I am in awe)  It is fascinating to watch her.  I can see how I was like her at her age.  Of course she is her own person—just like I was/am.  

Today is Day 25.  I am a quarter of the way through my planned 100 days.  I still feel all kinds of creative energy around planning projects and designing things.  I still love the sound of the scissor against the table top as I cut out the fabric.  (It reminds me of sitting under the table with my dollies listening to Grandma cutting out dresses for us.)  I love the scent of the steamy linen water as I press the fabric.  I love the way it feels and handles, the colors and textures.  Sewing hits on all of my senses except taste.  (I guess that’s where the cookie baking comes in.)

Now, how to make a career out of this.  With Oprah off the air and Martha Stewart in syndication on some obscure cable network, it seems to me there is a gaping hole just begging for me to fill it.  Right?

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