Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 26, 74 to go: Rock ‘n’ Roll pj bottoms and Cookies

Remember the nightgowns for Raggedies  that I made a week or so ago? I had them laying out to remind me to finish them with snaps in the back.  I woke up this morning to see Fergus napping on them.  Even when I moved them somewhere else,  I came into the room to discover him posed on them again.  I am not sure what that is about, but if he keeps it up, I am making him a nightgown to wear.  And I will do it.  Ask my sister (Borg #4 of 8) who came home the night before her wedding to find her cat dressed in a wedding gown--with veil. (Tabby was a very patient and tolerant cat)

Hello Cleveland?
These are the last of the niece/nephew pj bottoms.  This niece plays guitar and I think it’s important to encourage girls to play rock ‘n’ roll.  I know whenever I set foot in Sam Ash or any other guitar shop, I am overwhelmed by the number of men there.  Hopefully that will be different for her when she is older.  I guess she, at least, has Taylor Swift as a role model for guitar-playing girls.
A serving of vegetables and grain, right?
I also finally got to make cookies!!!! These are pumpkin chocolate chip.   Between the oatmeal and the pumpkin in them, I think I can claim they are nutritious, right?  Vegetable AND roughage?  So what if they are full of butter, sugar and chocolate too?

Tomorrow, I have no choice but to finish the last nightgown and then bravely face the buttonhole challenge.  I need to make 6 for these nightgowns and probably another half dozen on the nightshirt that has been waiting a year.  I will master buttonholes tomorrow. It’s ridiculous that I have this mental block about buttonholes.  I have made them on all sorts of different sewing machines over the years.

And then I can make more cookies. 

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  1. I've had the same buttonholephobia as you and I've made hundreds of them over the years but they always make me nervous. I think pairing that task with cookies is a masterful stroke and may make things all better for you.