Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day 41, 59 to go: Grandma models Rachel’s hat

I am typing this at 30th Street Station in Philadelphia while waiting for the train that will take me home.  I have an old Dell hand-me-up laptop from my brother for which I am very grateful.  However, for some reason it will not run on its battery.  This made for a very long ride on the Megabus.  The electric outlets on my side of the bus were not working.  When we got to the rest stop, I switched seats to the side that was working.  But the wi-fi kind of went in and out, so I couldn’t write this on the bus as I had planned. (Well, I could have, but it would really have annoyed my seatmate, I think.)

When I got to 30th Street, I discovered that what I thought would be a half hour wait for my train was actually an hour.  (Darned bi-focals!!! Can’t tell the difference between 19 and 49)  However, when I went up to the track to wait for the train, I discovered an electrical outlet conveniently situated next to a trash can, so I balanced my computer on the trash can, plugged in and here we go. 

The genes are strong with this one.
I made another hat like the “earthtones” one I gave Zoe yesterday.  This is for Mini-Me, Rachel, who loved Zoe’s.  This one appears to be “seatones” --greens & teals.  So here are Zoe and her grandmother modeling the hat in two colorways.  (My mother was the only available model as I was getting ready to leave. Thanks, Mom!) 

This is an example of the difference between the self-striping on Zoe’s hat and the “ombre” on Rachel’s.  The colors fall in an arbitrary way with the ombre.  The band of the hat just happened to be a length that made the same colors fall together in columns as I went around, so it does give a kind of vertical stripe effect as opposed to the self-striping horizontal earthtones. 

Of course the most interesting thing about these pictures is how obvious it is that Zoe got an awful lot of her grandmother’s genes.  Could they have more similar cheekbones, face shapes, eyebrows etc? 

I still have some Christmas presents to work on when I get home, so I don’t know what tomorrow’s crafting will be.  As far as I’m concerned, I have until January 6, Three Kings Day to get the Christmas presents out.  Starting with Borg #7 of 8's birthday last week, we are now in “birthday season” in my family and there will be birthdays just about every other week from now until the first week of July.  Party on dude.

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