Thursday, December 22, 2011

Day 36, 64 to go: Crocheted lacey hat

It was a long day on the bus.  No internet access.  Some crocheting.  And lovely chatting with my seatmate who was on her way from Philly to Detroit.  I do not envy her time on the bus.

So I got this hat started.  It doesn’t look like much but should be more hatty in the next day or so. 

The gnomes are not making themselves.  They did not fit into my suitcase, so I will get back to them when I get home.  Very little fit in my suitcase, and it turns out it’s just as well.  I arrived in “dahntahn” Pixburgh just as torrential rain started blowing sideways.  I was soaked through in about 3 minutes.  As I unpacked tonight, I learned that my hot pink rolling suitcase is not remotely waterproof.  So at least the gnomes are warm and dry back home on my kitchen table. (And probably under a cat or  two)

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