Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 43, 57 to go: Vegan Chili

Black and Navy beans with tomatoes, onions and spices.
I managed to put the dried beans and water into a crock pot last night so that this morning, the beans were tender and ready to become chili.  It will cook down a bit in the crock pot and then be ready for an assortment of culinary adventures.  I like it over rice with some shredded cheddar or jack sprinkled on.  I like it in a taco salad and I like it over tortilla chips with cheese and assorted nacho toppings. Usually I make a crock of the stuff and freeze portions in zip-locs so that I can just quickly nuke it when I don’t feel like cooking (or when I do feel like chili) Oh, and it can also go on a chili dog, can’t it? (Except that I rarely eat hot dogs—and then only the turkey or chicken kind)

It just happens to be vegan. I don’t eat cows & pigs.  Turkey chili just doesn’t make sense to me.  So my version is just beans, no meat, no animal products whatsoever. (Until I top it with cheese… ) The crock pot really helps it to cook for a long time. 

Fergus Cassidy, Supervisor
Today’s supervision was provided by Fergus.   Felicity is supervising the typing—apparently she wants me to go to sleep now since she has climbed atop my wrist and is holding me down.  I can take the hint, Fifi.  Just let me post this and I promise to turn off the computer and snuggle with you, sweetheart. 

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