Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 33, 67 to go: Polka Dot jammies

You know what? It takes an awful lot of time to wrap parcels for the mail.  Maybe it would have gone faster if I had just plopped stuff in boxes, but I was trying to keep the weight down, so I wrapped things in kraft paper. That, and taking them to the post office used up the better part of the afternoon.  Felicity and Fergus had advised me that I had better not even think about returning home without food for them.  So I hiked down to Petco to get them their “age-defying” food.  

Polka dots begging for rick-rack
They were quite happy and expectant when I returned and are now back to defying their ages once again.  It makes me feel old having cats who are age-defying.  Fergus is not quite 11, but I am not feeding them 2 different formulas.  I figure it makes up for the extra time Felicity was on regular adult waiting for Fergus to be old enough for “active longevity” at 7 years.

I cut out a pair of pajamas for myself today.  This pink and green polka dot fabric has been calling out to me.  I didn’t finish them, but it won’t take long in the morning.  I will have to post a picture when I finish.  I think I hear rick-rack calling. 

As I went to write this post, I read that Christopher Hitchens died tonight.  It’s an odd coincidence because I had been on the phone with a friend for hours talking about god-knows-what.  The discussion ended on him because her father had survived the same cancer diagnosis.  Her dad is still alive and kicking 10+ years after his treatment.  She seemed to think Hitchens might have the same luck.   I had hoped he might because he has 3 kids who are pretty young.  I just hate it when parents die while their kids are still children.  We had that in my family and it really sucked. 

I am grateful I got to know Hitchens’ writing while he was alive.  He was brilliant, articulate and belligerent.  I relate. 

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