Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Day 34, 66 to go: Polka dot and Blackhawk jammies

Fifi and I both object to combat jammies.
I tried to cut out these jammy bottoms, but Felicity weighed in with some serious objections to the design and did whatever she could to interfere with my cutting them out.  (She did not involve herself at all when I was cutting out the pink and green polka dot fabric)

Peacenik that I am, I really had to try not to look at this as I was stitching these together.  (They were a gift for someone I knew would love them the minute I saw this fabric.) 

Blackhawks and Camo. Blecch!
This was an important experiment for me.  Who knows what other fabrics I might have to work with despite my aesthetic and philosophical objections? 

So here are the finished ones.  (Closing my eyes so I don’t have to see—like the Burl Ives snowman in Rudolph when the Bumble comes along.) 

Girly peacenik non-combat jammies

And here are the pink and green polka dot jammies I knew I would not be able to resist rick-racking.  I have been wearing these for the last couple of days and I LOVE em.  Could they be any more opposite the ones above (that I still can't look at)? 

Or maybe it was just because they are so soft.

It took me several tries to get the shot of the rick-rack because Fergus apparently wanted to be in the picture too.

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