Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 23, 77 to go. Volleyball pajama fail.

All pjs made under strict supervision.
I am starting to see a light at the end of the pajama tunnel.  I have only 3 more pairs of pajama bottoms to make (hopefully all done tomorrow--as well as finishing the red nightgowns) and then I should be able to move on to some other things. 

Today’s sewing supervision was supplied by Fergus. 

White balls, not necessarily volley-able.
I bought fabric for these pajamas last year when I came across a listing on for “volleyball” flannel.  My niece was a hotshot volleyball player at high school and I thought a pair of volleyball-loving pajamas would be awesome to be able to send.  So I ordered a few yards.

When this fabric arrived, it didn’t take me long to notice there was a problem.  Yes, the balls are white like volleyballs.  But I am pretty sure these are actually basketballs.  My youngest sisters (Borg#s 7 & 8) give me credit for being able to identify which balls go with which sport.  I hadn’t really thought about it, but they are right.  I would expect to be able to tell a hockey skate from a figure skating skate, but it’s kind of amazing that I know a volleyball from a basketball. I believe I can also identify balls for baseball and soccer.  (Footballs are easier)

Ball failure.
So, I am sorry, Kath, but your volleyball pajamas have pictures of basketballs on them.  I hope you don’t mind.  Maybe you can redraw them with a sharpie? I did write a review for the Joann site when I saw the problem.  I warned readers about the discrepancy. Hopefully I saved some other figure-skating fan from ordering fabric with the wrong balls. 

Ball identification ability. Does it belong on a resume? 


  1. Apparently it belongs on a resume if you want to write web content for a fabric store. Great pj's regardless.