Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Day 31, 69 to go: Blue Roses Nightshirt

Adorable and not Barbie-proportioned!
These arrived in the mail today—presents from my friend Cathy.  Aren’t they adorable?  The dressform part is about 3 ½ inches high. Cathy said she saw them and thought of me! I WILL find ways to display them all year around.  They are just too fabulous.

I kind of want one for myself.
Today, I made buttonholes again.  I made this nightshirt at least a year ago, but meant to make it about 3 years ago.  I made one just like it for my friend Laura’s baby shower.  I thought with the buttons down the front, it would make life easier for the new mommy.  Our friend Jacqui mentioned that  she loved it and I decided to make another for her.   So here it is 3 or 4 years later.  Jacqui has 2 kids and probably no intention of any more, but I finally have buttonholes in this thing.  So I just have to sew on the buttons and this will finally be on its way.  

The fabric hanging behind the nightshirt is a little preview, by the way.  I plan to recover my couch with it.  I am still trying to decide whether to use it vertically or horizontally.  And I am still ambivalent about whether to reupholster or to make a slipcover.  Tune in again in January when I start on that project. 

Maybe tomorrow will finally be the cookie-thon.  I was just jonesing to make buttonholes today.  I guess this is what happens after getting past the phobia.  I have moved on to philia. 

I also need to make a recon into Center City to check out this year’s Christmas Village and this charming Victorian candy shoppe.   And laundry.  There’s always laundry, isn’t there?

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